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Authentic Italian cuisine made with fresh ingredients


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4 reviews
Best pizza in nyc. No contest. Everyone can just close up shop. That Square pepperoni... my god. It's one of those things you bring people to who aren't from around here. It's in my top five things to bring someone to.


Top Reviewer
I ordered this pizza to make it up to my coworkers for having to work July 4th and it worked. Bless Prince St. Pizza and their little pepperoni cups.


4 reviews
They delivered really fast and the grub hub order was delicious, they should carry these on the regular walk in menu


1 review
Prince street pizza is the best pizza around. Hands down!


1 review
Superb food quality. Among the best pizza in NYC.

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Top Reviewer
100 percent dependable every time. We get the Spicy Spring which has a ton of thick pepperoni and a spicy sauce. So much pepperoni we take off about half and freeze to reuse in other dishes. The regular style has a sweeter sauce. Bread crumb is super too. One slice of this deep dish style pizza is equal to 2 “normal” slices. We alternate between this shop and the other famed one a block south which has a thinner saltier crust. Enjoy!


Top Reviewer
Hands down one of the best pizza places in Manhattan. Delivery can take a while but it's worth it - this isn't some quick pizza joint, the pies are out of this world. You can't beat stopping in for a fresh slice or two at lunch.


1 review
Oh, guy must've tipped the pizza box a bit because the cheese was sliding off a bit on one side. No big deal, though. Appreciate the delivery in the cold weather and Prince St. Pizza is consistently good. Thanks!


4 reviews
This place is not only right by my office, but it is the best pizza I've ever had . I used to be a regular pepperoni slice peron. Now I'm a two pepperoni squares person. I recommend this place to everyone!


3 reviews
This place is incredible. Always crowded and takes a while for delivery but always delivers in the quoted range so I just know to order early. The Spicy Spring Pie is some of the best pizza I've ever had

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Prince St. Pizza Restaurant has always given the people of New York City quality food, fast delivery, and great customer service. All at a palatable price.